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Helping Louisiana Families Face Legal Problems

Whether you’re finding yourself going down the path toward a divorce or if you need a good attorney for criminal defense, Brett K. Duncan & Co. can help.  

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Demystifying The Louisiana Legal Process

At Brett K. Duncan & Co., we know that often people may be coming to us for the first time they need an attorney. The legal process and legal system may seem complicated and intimidating. We are here to help demystify the legal mumbo jumbo and walk you through what needs to happen to resolve your legal matters.

Family Law


We offer solutions that recognize the unique nature of your issues, your family and your goals.

Protective Orders


We offer those facing abuse or facing false allegations of abuse the highly effective representation they need.



Our guidance through the divorce process will help you form the future you deserve.

Criminal Defense


When your future is at stake, you need experienced representation for a strong criminal defense strategy.

Out-Of-Court Divorce


Our mediation practice and other cost- and time-saving measures can keep your divorce out of court.

Traffic Tickets


We help fight traffic tickets to protect your license and prevent insurance rates from rising.

A Recognized Leader In Protective Order Law

Our family law attorney works with people on some of the most difficult personal issues that must be addressed in their lives, including: Divorce and separation Child custody and visitation agreements Division of community property Obtaining restraining orders/protective orders for abuse situations Defending people against false accusations of spousal and child abuse

Serving North Shore Families


 “He is the first attorney I have used that makes me feel like he is really fighting for me….”

– Mike R. (Custody Client)

 “If you need an attorney, hire this one!!!”

– Marie T. (Divorce/Custody Client)

A Criminal Lawyer Who Cares About Your Family Members

When you have a family member in trouble with the law, you’re worried about their future freedoms as well as how your family will change and be affected. We represent criminal defense for anything from traffic tickets to drug crimes to property crimes to murder charges. Our criminal defense lawyer will seek the best results for your case, including mitigating the charges or having all charges dismissed.